Covid-19 Health Declaration

As much as we all desire a safe salon environment, it should be understood and known up front that there are now risks involved when entering any environment that you did not quarantine in personally. We have no way of truly knowing who has been exposed to or is infected with COVID-19. We are servicing you with a risk of being exposed and you are offering to be serviced with a similar exposure risk.


Honesty is of the utmost importance in order to help to lower the risk of exposure to and spread of COVID-19.As a Guest, I am agreeing to assuming all risk associated with entering a public establishment. Imam choosing to be serviced at my own risk of being exposed toCOVID-19.


The salon, hairstylist, or staff of HAIRCHALET is not liable for any possible exposure that I may have with any surface or individual(s) that may be contagious with COVID-19 or any other infection or disease.

I agree to fully comply with supplying my own personal protective equipment such as face masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer. I will adhere to social distancing, hand washing procedures, and not entering any facilities knowing I have been exposed to COVID-19.


I agree to following health and safety procedures as suggested by STATE OF NEW JERSEY and local government officials.

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